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I Popped My Shoulder!! Shoulder dislocation

Mr Q is a 25 year old climber who enjoys bouldering. He experienced acute pain and a popping sensation over his right shoulder while he was maneuvering to the next hold. He has had similar episodes of recurrent shoulder instability.

MRI Right shoulder revealed presence glenoid labrum tear.

The shoulder is the most common joint that presents with dislocation. Dislocation occurs following a fall, traction injury or loaded force to the joint. The dislocated joint results in tear of the labrum (Bankart lesion) and a corresponding bony depression at the posterior humeral head (Hill Sachs lesion). Due to the native anatomy of the shoulder coupled with these associated lesions, the shoulder is prone to repeated episodes of instability. The individual typically described repeated shifting sensation of the shoulder joint and is apprehensive when placing the shoulder in an overhead position or reaching backwards.

Mr Q underwent manipulation and reduction (M&R) of the shoulder joint at the Emergency Department and was placed on an arm sling. He was referred for physiotherapy. In view of his active lifestyle and recurrent instability, Mr Q underwent shoulder arthroscopy and repair of the labrum. Post operatively, he underwent physiotherapy and had resumed his active lifestyle.

Video of shoulder arthroscopy showing labral tear

Shoulder arthroscopy image of labral repair
Image of shoulder arthroscopy showing labrum repair

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