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The Knee is wearing out!

Updated: Apr 29

Ms C is a 28 yr old female executive who is active in running and Cross Fit. She developed recurrent knee pain and swelling after her sports activities. The symptoms did not resolve with rest, physiotherapy and medications.

MRI scan of the knee revealed full thickness cartilage ulcer.

Cartilage is the soft tissue layer overlying the articulating surfaces of a joint. It facilitates the smooth movement of the joint and protect the underlying the bone. It is similar to the car tyre around the bony rim. There is a spectrum of severity of cartilage wear. It ranges from localised damage ie an ulcer to extensive wear ie. osteoarthritis. The knee is the most common joint with cartilage wear.

Cartilage resurfacing aims to restore the general health of the joint with resolution of pain and swelling. There was various techniques available to manage different severity of cartilage lesions. The choice of technique depends on the size, location, depth and presence of limb alignment issues.

Ms C underwent knee arthroscopy with enhanced microfracture for the cartilage ulcer. She attended post op rehabilitation and had resumed her regular sports activities.

Video showing full thickness cartilage wear over the femoral trochlea and patella

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